Shake things up.

The discipline of disruption.

Disruption or Eruption

What Forces Drive Your Branding?

Make You Mark.

Many potential customers first exposure to your company, products/services, and brands aren’t directly initiated by you.

They can be generated from good or bad sources which can be attributed to hearsay, gossip, favorable recommendations and communications they may have seen. There are a number of factors that can affect your public perception before you have a chance to launch.

Your Brand ID is the first face many will have of your company and related products and services. Studies show that you can gain or lose a customer in as little as three seconds, based solely of their initial impression. A well crafted logo or service mark that communicates the true nature of your offering will make its mark and provide the open door to acquire new customers. It’s not rocket science. It’s Brand Science. You’ll find the Mad Scientists of Branding right here at Brandfiziks.

We’d love to speak with you about your projects, challenges, and what keeps you up at night. Maybe we can help you sleep better. Then we can work on Making your Mark with category-crushing results. When you’re ready to crush it, contact us here.

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Storied Brands

Brands that have received public recognition and status did so because of a carefully-crafted brand story

and strategies that are part of an overall targeted plan that is aggressive. It will not happen without it. If you’re depending on luck, you might as well buy lottery tickets. The odds are better. We can cite example after example of failures solely caused by not finishing. The race run to create a significant vital brand isn’t easy. The rewards, however, can be great. It’s not about spending more money. It’s about creating a fully functional machine that will begin to tell its own story and have it’s own nature and personality. It’s amazing to see, and when the lights turn on for clients, they will never view branding the same. Finishing the job makes a brand live and breathe and that’s when magic happens.

We don’t expect every potential client to understand. We’d rather keep it a carefully guarded secret for those who do. If you would like to know more, contact us through our contact info you will find on our websites. We love to talk branding, and who knows, maybe we can assist you in breathing life into your brand.

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Crafting Your Story

If your brand is replaceable by any other product in your category, you're losing the opportunity to gain market share and increase

profits. Given the choice, a consumer will chose the familiar product. A generic product may get a consumer to take a chance on a one-time, make-or-break sell, but if the product does not perform to levels of familiar brands, it is One and Done.

Are You a  Trusted Friend to Consumers or Just an Acquaintence?

Consumers love to share success stories of something they've discovered whether it's a great house on the market, a good book, favorite wine. You get the picture. Repeat business and the chance to gain lifelong loyalty from a customer but the power the customer brings to your marketing efforts is worth its weight in any development you may put into telling your story.  Believe it or not, a brand can live in the minds of consumers. This can be achieved in many ways with strategic planning that consistently reinforces the familiar to the customer.

We love to talk branding, but our purpose is to do one thing, make you and your products more successful and profitable.  We'd love to talk to you about what is possible and hopefully get the chance to make your brand shine. Shoot us and email. We'll make time to talk to you at no cost and show you why Brandfiziks is the Art of Brand Science.

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Create to Win

There is nothing glorious about Mediocrity. You will spend the same more time and resources recovering from a brand meltdown

or white hot PR catastrophe than if you make the commitment to solid  brand strategies. A strong brand and a strong branding group are  much more capable  of reacting, responding and surviving challenges. The good news is the same preparation that helps you avoid possible pitfalls is the same knowledge needed to recognize  additional positive opportunities that may exist whether internally or externally.  The more you prepare the more you're aware.   Our consulting services are available to help identify and optimize your brand potential .
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Who We Are.

7th Sense Media|Brand[fiziks]2 is more than a creative media services company. We’re compatriots.

We get in the trenches with you to get things done. We stand with you to adapt to any challenge you may be facing, especially the ones that keep you up nights. We create potent strategic development and direction to help you push forward to increased success and profits. We provide sound consultation and impactful brand-related media services.

We created Brandfiziks to help you define and breathe life into your brands and watch them mature to surpass your advertising, marketing and branding goals. Think of us as the personal trainers of branding. We think strong, lean and efficient. Our Wheelhouse is Startups to many of the Fortune 500. Branding Truths are agnostic to size and so are we. Contact us and tell us what you want to get excited about and even what may be the unsolvables with your product or service. We'll show you how to become a proven entity and proven brand identity.

We think small. We think BIG.

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What Do We Know?

Not Everything, but 30+ years of experience, that’s over 15 million minutes working
in branding.

Enough time to have made mistakes and learned from them. Enough time to have some pretty neat successes and time to have begun to understand the Language of Branding.

We haven't been th the Mountain Top,

but we’re on our way. Whatever your journey looks like, we’ll help navigate and prepare you for what lies ahead.

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Just great.

We've been blessed to have worked with some great companies large and small. Great companies are made up of interesting and engaged people who make it all worthwhile. Thank you.



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